Hi Suity, I’m a 45 years old Independentist Basque boy that needs Social Justice.

First of all, the photo with the black dress is one of the best photos I’ve ever seen from you.

Something inside me asks me if it could be possible to bite you, jiji

“I will write poems in your neck with my Lips” (Romania)

Well, I know that you are a fighter for women Rights and I wanted to tell you that last weekend, there was a Woman meeting in Durango, a Bask Village…

There were 3.000 women hearing to disertations, Group Jobs, etc

I thought you would like to know about women fighting for their rights.

They meet every 5 years.

Two friends of mine were there, and told me, that black African girls, told them, that is neccesary women fighting in occident also, but what they live in Afrika is so hard, that for them, occidental women problems are like heaven.

Before finishing, I want to tell you also, that a girl from my political party, works at UN in New York with the responsability of Tunez, Libia and Libano Womens Rights.

Difficult countrys with wars and big caos.

You know, usa and israel never help at all.

Who knows, may be, some day, we meet each other and I can kiss your face.

Don’t worry…

If you want, need, my lips in your neck, that’s for sure.

I’m yours…


Musutxu Handi bat Laztana

I like a lot, that stick you have in your quite salvage hair.


Hope you rich the hapiness.


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